Currently only limited to freshmen, the gajok system has KASA exec members serve as heads for the incoming freshmen who may have a difficult time transitioning into college - whether this involves the social life, choosing what courses to take, seeking advice on internships, etc

Why should I be in a Gajok?


Heads: Get to know your fellow classes.  Be a leader - mentor your underclassmen and make new friends!


Children: Befriend your fellow Princeton students. Get access to a new network of friends and mentors. Also, who doesn't enjoy getting free food from their sunbaes? 


What do I have to do in a Gajok?


Meet at least once a month, but preferably more: Grab a meal in the dining hall, go to the Street or go out for Boba or Thomas Sweets!  



KASA Gajoks spent the majority of our time together during our events.

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